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It's been quite some time since I've even logged into this account, I'm sad to see read some of your posts out there in LJ land, my condolences to those who have lost someone.

As for what's been going on with me, I couldn't be happier right now. I had a blast yesterday on my first date with Mike, which we laughed about a lot since he asked me to be his girlfriend on Wednesday... I said yes. ^_^

The day started out with running a few errands that he needed to take care of then going down to Royal Oak to pick up tickets for the NOFX show. We strolled down the street to Mongolian Barbecue (my absolute fave restaurant! He remembered that I'd said something about that it last week, awww...) and got some grub, then walked to Gussoline Alley for a few drinks before the show. We got a bit drunk there and drunk dialed a few people, it was rather amusing. We got to the show, and ran into quite a few people that we knew. I proceeded to get really drunk there and jumped around a lot, it was so much fun! After the show, we scooped Nikki up from her house in Roseville and went to Luna for 80's night. I'm so glad he called her from my phone at Gussoline Alley, I need to go out more with my twinny!

I feel pretty...

It's only a contact sheet for the moment, but I must show it off!
It's from Jeremy Lagerman of Phun Fotography.
Behold that which is hidden just a click away...Collapse )

Bored and stuff...

Geez, 96 is a mess!
There was a huge watermain that burst today and it seriously flooded the roads.
It looks like a small lake with an attached waterfall.
Insane, I tells ya.

May. 20th, 2007

I'm going to the Zoo!
*commence happy dance*

I woke up at 9 am so I could be home with time to spare.
We were supposed to leave shortly after 11 am.
Due to some children still waiting to be picked up from teh Mombot's house, I am still waiting to leave.
I think my head may explode if I wait much longer!


I've had such a wonderful weekend!
Friday night Sal and I stayed in, talking and snuggling.
I love having a cuddle buddy... ^_^

On Saturday Sal and I went to Shawn and Nichole's to have lunch and watch movies.
Food + Texas Chainsaw Massacre = Happy Jessie

Later in the day Chuckles came down from Flint and took me away on his motorcycle. <3
After we got to Flint we got drunk as I harassed frat boys and watched zombie porn.
This kept me entertained until I tried to go to sleep.
That's when my stomach decided it wanted nothing more to do with the Cheezits I had consumed earlier.
I was fine after I got rid of them, but the hallway wasn't looking too good...
*sheepish grin goes here*

On Sunday Sal was kind enough to take me to the VNV/And One show, which would have been much better had my anxiety not decided to act up.

And last night, that was simply phenomenal!
Sal and I went to Necto to hang out.
I was given VIP room privileges and got drunk with the guys from VNV.
Ronan was attempting to get me to do naughty things with Paul (in private, not in front of anyone else) until I informed them that I was there with somebody; then Ronan was bugging Sal about not being in the VIP room with us.

All in all, this has been one of the best weekends of the year for me! ^_^

Oh yeah, I almost forgot...
Sal gave me my phone back, since it was "just sitting there on the charger"...


If World War Two had been an online Real Time Strategy game, the chat room traffic would have gone something like this.
WWII ChatCollapse )

The things I've seen tonight...

I just finished watching this independent film called Hard Candy.
Holy fucking shit, it was phenomenal!
Totally twisted, but in a good way.
Seriously, check it out if you've got time.
I swear this is one of the best movies I've seen in a long time...
sparkILLz (2:56:33 PM): BUGGABOO!! *tackles*
sparkILLz (2:57:25 PM): teeheeeee
SM0K3 S3XY (2:57:42 PM): *giggle*
SM0K3 S3XY (2:58:13 PM): Oh noes, this is how all of our IMs are going to be, isn't it? ^_^
sparkILLz (2:58:18 PM): If not than close
SM0K3 S3XY (2:58:33 PM): Heh, yeppers!
sparkILLz (2:58:55 PM): I'm dancing in a circle
SM0K3 S3XY (2:59:15 PM): Yay! I'm spinning in my chair
sparkILLz (2:59:14 PM): wooooot
sparkILLz (2:59:14 PM): man
sparkILLz (2:59:18 PM): we need to hang out more often
sparkILLz (2:59:19 PM): lol
SM0K3 S3XY (2:59:27 PM): Oh boy... Hehe

And yes, my new AIM name is sm0k3 s3xy... teehee!


Damn, I just had a such good laugh reading this, I had to share it!

hey i rember you we went to middle school together you 2 wher nerde then but now your damn sexy. hit me up some time maybe we can chill and drink of something.. i dont know hit me up later. sexy

That's so funny!

On another note, I talked to my grandma for the first time in about 2 years today.
It made me feel warm and fuzzy inside, since she had pretty much disowned me.
Everything's peachy once more.
As you already know, I went to Necto last night with Sal.
I had a fuckin' blast!
It was rather amusing finding out that I was incognito.
All I did was wear my hair down and straightened, and wear more clothing than usual.
That made me giggle.
Anywho, Sal and I got along spiffily and I just crashed at his place.
There was no sex (sadness, but just a better idea not to) but at least I had my cuddle buddy!

On another note, I'm only the tiniest bit snuffly now.